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    My name is Michael John Meehan and I have been a Location Manager doing major feature films all over the world for 30 years. Please feel free to follow the links below or click thru the window to the right to follow the major parts of the site. (photo:Angel Falls, Venezuela) Enjoy
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    Here is a list of the films I have worked on in the digital age and the places each one was scouted. If you wish to find pictures by where they were shot, check out Places.Enjoy.(photo: Iguazu Falls, Argentina) Read More
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    Here are the photos by State and Country from Canada, Mongolia, China, the Galapagos and all over South America to name a few. (photo: Red Square, Moscow) Enjoy. Read More
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    This is a list of all the films I have worked on. Many of these were before the digital age and hence, the studios kept all the prints. Since going digital I have kept all of my photos. (photo: Erfoud, Morocco) Enjoy. Read More
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  • First Camera
  • Oblivion Website
  • How Big is the Universe
  • How We Think
  • Chicken or Egg?
  • Brain Shape
  • Optical Illusion
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  • Oblivion
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  • Mountain Wolf Tee

My first professional camera.

Check out the trailer

Oblivion Website

Now it is all clear.  I think. 

How we think

Which came first?

How thinking affects your brain.  Amazing.


It is all a matter of perspective...



I love clever, cheap hacks and these are Gizmodos best of the year. 

Gizmodos best hacks of 2012.


Turns out you can buy it

Oblivion Trailer

We are due out in April


The Year In Movies

From JoBlo.com  The good and the bad from hollywood

    The company I keep.


Bill McBride was right before.  I hope he is right now.

Bill McBride from the Bussiness Insider.

So that's how it works.


Another thing I was taught that turns out to be wrong.

Literature of the masses.

The reviews of this shirt are priceless.  

The Mountain Three Wolf Moon Tee Shirt